About Club Unique

At Club Unique we offer you an endless choice of possibilities and an almost limitless array of luxuries across our global platform

About Club Unique

Smiles. You’ll see them everywhere as you stroll along the 24-acre grounds of Club Unique’s Patong Bay Hill Resort. And there’s a good reason why.

Club Unique’s staff are proud of what they call their office and what they hope you’ll come to call your home away from home. And they’re proud of how far they’ve come in such a relatively short time.

From a single, bold concept back in 2015, today, Club Unique is the result of the shared vision of local developers and real estate and hotel specialist alike.

A vision of creating a home resort that sets the benchmark for vacation club value and excellence. Luxurious, modern cottage and suite development–many with personalized pools facing the ocean– that will leave its members proud and eager to return to their home resort year after year.

So, come on in or, simply Contact Us today. Learn for yourself how we do it. From your first greeting of the day to the service you receive at meal-times and the personalized help from our knowledgeable front desk and concierge staff. Come and experience the pride that is at the heart of everything Club Unique strives for.

It’s a level of pride that we’re sure will leave you smiling as well.

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Our Management

At Club Unique we employ a multi-cultural management team, which is a great asset for us, and for you, as our guest, since it provides an insight and knowledge of many different cultures, insights and expectations that our guests would have when planning their vacation at Club Unique.
Our management team has a vast experience in the vacation-rental- and lifestyle sector and we can proudly say that our group of managers are truly dedicated; they call themselves pioneers, which they truly are, no matter in which department they work in.
From Sales, to Human Resources, all our management staff has vast experience, knowledge, leadership- and customer-service skills for you to rest assured.

At Club Unique, you are always in good hands!

Our Core Values


At Club Unique we appreciate quality as much as you.
So from sheets with high thread counts to fresh, quality ingredients sourced by our chefs and the budget we expend on maintaining our accommodation and facilities, you’re sure to love the standards Club Unique sets and adheres to.


We understand when it comes to people’s definition of ‘holiday’, the expression, “Different strokes for different folks” often comes into play. That is why Club Unique has worked so hard to set up partnerships with its travel affiliate companies Interval International and Holiday Plus. In addition to sharing Club Unique’s standards for high quality product inventory, our affiliate partners also allow our guests an unmatched level of travel flexibility.


At Club Unique we understand that any successful business is dependent on one thing: satisfied customers. For that reason we go to great lengths to ensure we hire multi-lingual and solution-oriented staff to build and maintain our relationships with Club Unique members and guests. From pre-trip holiday requests and bookings to hassle-free settings while on actual holiday, you can be assured Club Unique service standards are as high as that of the quality of our amenities.


Working in the best interest of our customers who place so much value and trust in us is not something we take lightly. We understand the motto, “People expect results, not excuses.” Especially, while on holiday when time is at such a premium. So from keeping the lines of communication open and getting all your questions answered correctly the first time to getting you and your family and guests anywhere they need to be while on holiday, when we give you our word, you can consider it done.

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