Our Club Unique Benefits

Your Interval membership can bring you endless advantages

Club Unique Benefits

Yes, we are proud to call Patong Bay Hill Resort Club Unique’s home resort. Yet, for all the beauty of its lush natural surroundings and its many modern amenities, the fact remains the resort is but one resort you, as a Club Unique member, have access to.

One out of what amounts to 3000 resorts across 80 countries you have to choose from.

How do we do it?

The answer is through our partnership with special affiliate travel programs.

These being Interval International and Holiday Plus.

As Club Unique Members, you will become members of these affiliated travel programs and receive password access (where needed) to their sites where you can begin learning how to navigate and best utilize the respective websites.

Interval International

Started in 1976, Interval International allows you the opportunity to simply login or download the Interval App and start receiving Getaway alerts to your phone or mobile device regarding special offers, whether it’s for cruises or last-minute deals.

Getaways are available in every season, and in destinations around the world such as:
the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Hawaii, Florida and Asia.

And based on such factors such as season, location and unit size, start at just $224 per week.

Visit the Interval International site here.

Holiday Plus

Offers short duration (1 to 6 night) deals on hotel locations throughout Europe.

The cost? You will only pay for breakfasts and evening meals.

Again, everything is transparent, clearly showing the cost for the meals on offer – with no hidden extras.

Click here to visit the Holiday Plus site and start becoming familiar with the site today.


Still have questions? If so, please feel free to click on the links above which will take you directly to the sites for Interval International and Holiday Plus. Additionally, if you prefer, contact our friendly Member Services staff who are more than happy to answer any questions you’d like answered.

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