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Welcome to Club Unique, your world of holidays and travel destinations!

We all know that the best form of marketing is word of mouth. That’s no secret anymore.
How many times in this day and age do we search for ratings on restaurants, spas, holidays etc. from people that we don’t even know? Thousands of searches are being made every minute, and a great part of that research is being focused on ratings, which are based on people you’ve probably never seen or met. Does that make you feel qualified for making the right choice of your next travel destination? We don’t think so.

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At Club Unique we believe that a referral to your friend carries far more weight and truth to it than ratings that have been written and placed by complete strangers.
Therefore, at Club Unique, we go to great lengths to offer one of the most generous referral programs in the industry. All to ensure honest, relevant and personal reviews get in front of the people you care about the most: Your family and friends.
So if you know anyone you think could benefit from an investment in all their future holidays, we encourage you to follow our four step referral process.

We want our referrers to be confident that their referrals are going to be in the best possible hands (and beds).
We offer a simple, hassle-free booking process, and if your friends want to rent extra days or an extra week on top of their stay with Club Unique they can do so by becoming members of the club, which will enable them with the same benefits as our referrers. Our newest members, your referrals, will then receive the same members prices as you, on the charge of any extra accommodation they may have paid for on that holiday!

To make the most out of our referral programme, we set the terms and conditions according to our strategic marketing knowledge.
Follow these easy steps to begin introducing your friends to the world of holidays with Club Unique and start earning cash rewards.

Step 1: Go to our Terms and Conditions to check the general criteria for who is eligible for Club Unique membership.
Step 2: If your friends fall within all the criteria, you can then fill out their booking request and send it to our Member Services team. 
Step 3: Our Member Service staff will receive this request and will be in touch as soon as they have checked the booking request and availability during the requested period.
Step 4: When their booking is confirmed, we will issue them a hotel booking confirmation.


Financial Bonus

If any of your referrals purchase a Club Unique membership, we’ll pay you US$ 500 upon the completion of their payment of the full purchase price by your referral friends/family. 
There are 2 options to receive the reward:
1) Bank transfer
2) Funds held for future rental or management fees

The choice is yours!


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If you should have any questions about our referral programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you.

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