Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What exactly is Club Unique and what does it do?

Club Unique is a Vacation Membership Club, based out of Phuket, Thailand. A vacation club that offers you the opportunity to secure your future holidays at today’s prices. Membership consist of purchasing a week or more at a home resort for a set number of years. Prices are per week, per apartment/villa and not per person, therefore saving you on all the extra costs that travel agents can add on.

Where is Club Unique’s home resort located?

Our Home Resort, Patong Bay Hill Resort, is located in Patong. For more information and images click on the Member Services tab on our website.

Is Club Unique a timeshare operation?

Not at all. Far from it, actually. Timeshares are an antiquated business model dating back to the 70s and 80s and, generally, are only still in use in the United States today. They are characterized by low value associated with high maintenance costs, limited to non-existent destination options and the inflexibility of being locked into a set vacation time frame.

How does Club Unique offer so many holiday destination options?

Club Unique is able to offer close to 3,000 holiday resort destinations in 80 countries because of the partnership it has forged with affiliate travel programs Interval International and Holiday Plus.

Are there any fees are associated with these affiliate programs?

Yes, there are. The details of these exchange fees can easily be found inside our Member Guide, which is located in the drop down menu beneath the Club Benefits tab.

How is Club Unique different from other Vacation Clubs?

It starts with our Member Services staff who’ve been in the hotel and hospitality industry for a long time. Long enough to know the importance good communication is in maintaining the trust of its members. Then, Club Unique allows it members the flexibility to use their membership for less cost than are associated with other travel clubs.  Our property management fees are the lowest anywhere in the world and, unlike other clubs, we don’t charge a booking fee for using our home resort. Also, unlike the case with our competitors, our advertised properties are NOT on ‘cross usage’. Cross usage means the listed properties get shared between multiple companies/organizations. Groups whose definition of high quality fluctuate greatly leading to holiday comfort and enjoyment levels that we at Club Unique consider completely unacceptable.

How does the Interval International exchange process work?

If you decide not to holiday one year at your home resort, Club Unique’s membership allows you the option of requesting a ‘Club Unique Entitlement’ which can be used in exchange with Interval International’s many thousand properties in over 80 countries. Once your request has been lodged, Interval International does the rest. A step-by-step explanation of this process is included on this site’s Member Guide.

Can my friends and family join me on my holiday?

Yes, they can. And so long as it’s part of the same suite and same time period, there will be no extra cost. If you need an upgrade to a larger room or, if your holiday is through our affiliated exchange partner, Interval International, a fee will apply. Please see our Member Guide for more details.

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