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At Club Unique our Member Services staff is what separates us from the crowd. Many of our staff have 10, 15 and, in some cases, 20 years of customer service experience in the hospitality industry.

Additionally, with the staff on-site available to speak up to nine languages—English, French, German, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, Filipino, Arabic—you don’t ever have to worry about anything getting lost in translation. 

To compliment the languages they speak, our Member Services team are passionate about customer service and won’t refrain from going the extra mile to assist you, regardless of your request or need at the time. 

Better still, with so much time working in and around hospitality, the staff at Club Unique have an almost built-in ability to anticipate your needs… 

Whether it’s a question about a booking or a general enquiry about an affiliated resort, the Club Unique Member Service staff have the know-how and the willingness to take the initiative to get you the detailed answer you request. 

At Club Unique we take immense pride in our service capabilities and we look forward to assisting you with all the information you may require prior to, during and even after your planned vacation. 

So, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know. Your feedback is what makes Club Unique better, so don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form below! 


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Nestled in the heart of Southeast Thailand, on the exquisite island of Phuket, this true gem, the Club Unique, serves as a private members club for its guests from all over the world.

The club truly offers an unique service to today’s travelers, with the exact lifestyle experiences they deserve.


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